January 19, 2024The Community Benefits of PEFCU’s Focus on Education

Hey, PEFCU fam! Alyssa here again, and I am excited to be heading into the 2024 community outreach program here at Publix Employees Federal Credit Union!  

PEFCU focuses on three main community pillars: Environment, Health, and Education. Let’s dive into why the education system is important to us and what we have done to contribute to local schools and other educational programs in our community! 

Why Education Matters to PEFCU 

PEFCU supports all types of educational organizations and programs, from elementary schools to adult education, and even professional development in the workplace. By focusing on the benefits of education, PEFCU not only empowers its associates, but also strengthens the entire community.  

Supporting Local Schools 

From a grassroots perspective, PEFCU has volunteered our time, sponsored educational initiatives, and contributed monetary donations to several educational organizations, including nine elementary schools, after-school programs for disadvantaged youth, and professional growth and development classes for working adults looking to further their careers.  

PEFCU funded and set up a “library corner” in seven Title 1 elementary schools for one of my favorite back-to-school campaigns. These library corners are comfortable spaces where children can expand their knowledge; complete with area rugs, cozy reading chairs, tables and chairs with manipulatives, and new bookcases filled with children’s books!  

Each year, we provide select schools across our community with essential supplies their students need for success. Not only does this help local schools, but it also brings our associates together. Volunteering is a terrific way to bond with coworkers outside of the office and make new friends! 


Sleepy Hill Elementary School in Lakeland, Florida, enjoying their new PEFCU Library Corner!

Supporting Our Associates  

PEFCU is also dedicated to helping further the education of our hard-working employees. From workshops and certifications to an excellent tuition reimbursement program, PEFCU is willing to go the extra mile to ensure associates are up to date on their professional education and that no associate is denied the right to expand their knowledge. This is one of the reasons why PEFCU is such a wonderful place to work! 

Bethany Gershowitz, Marketing, is taking full advantage of PEFCU’s tuition reimbursement program!

One of our associates, Bethany G., is taking advantage of PEFCU’s tuition reimbursement program. She is in Marketing and working on her M.A. in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Alabama.  

“I appreciate that PEFCU supports me and my higher education by encouraging me to develop new skills inside and outside the workplace and grow in my role,” Bethany says. “I am staying up to date with current industry trends by pursuing my master’s degree, and taking what I have learned to my workplace so my team can learn and grow along with me.”  

We are so proud of Bethany for taking the steps to further her education!  

Supporting Financial Literacy 

Another way PEFCU prioritizes education is through financial literacy, a cornerstone of personal and community financial well-being. Through PEFCU’s new Financially Fresh program, the credit union can provide valuable information and guidance on budgeting, savings, credit management, and investment strategies. This gives members and those living in our community the opportunity to make informed financial decisions, avoid common pitfalls, and build a solid foundation for their future. For more information on Financially Fresh, please visit https://financiallyfresh.pefcu.com/ 

Our Financial Education Specialist, Candace Henry, facilitating one of our new Financially Fresh workshops!

We believe education lies at the heart of community growth, development, and progress. It is beneficial to adults pursuing continuous education and our youth who are our next generation of leaders. Through PEFCU’s commitment to education, the credit union embraces its role as a catalyst for personal and collective growth, ensuring a brighter future for its associates and the community it serves. 

We would love to hear from you about which education-based non-profits are near and dear to your heart. Tell us in the comments below! For any questions or suggestions regarding our community pillars, please reach out to me, Alyssa, at [email protected]! I look forward to hearing from you! 

Until next time!

Alyssa Ronan, Community Engagement Specialist 


Alyssa began her career with the Publix Employees Federal Credit Union in
January 2022 after almost 9 years of experience with Publix Super Markets, Inc. At
the credit union, she found her passion for fundraising and philanthropy. Alyssa
enjoys engaging with the community through marketing events and community
service efforts. Some of Alyssa’s favorite non-profits are the SPCA, Lakeland
Volunteers in Medicine, and the Guardian ad Litem program. When she’s not
indulging in her work, she loves traveling, attending baseball games, and
spending time with her family and her Great Dane, “Lemon.” Alyssa is enthusiastic
about continuing to make a name for PEFCU in the community while creating
long-lasting partnerships with the non-profits that spread across our footprint. 

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