Unlocking Your Home’s Equity: A Responsible Approach
What Does It Mean to Be Financially Independent?
Ways to Save Money on Holiday Travel
12 Financial Resolutions for 2024: A Money-Savvy Twist on the 12 Days of Christmas
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At every stage in life, we all need a routine checkup for our financial health. That is why we’ve launched Making Money Prosper! This blog is dedicated to you, our PEFCU members. We’re here to help you live your best financial life by teaching you to successfully save, invest, and manage your money. Adulting can be hard–we get it! We want you to find success through all of life’s stages: like purchasing your first car, traveling the world, planning for retirement, and everything in between. At PEFCU, our goal is to educate you and your family about your personal finances…

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Unlocking Your Home’s Equity: A Responsible Approach

One of the most significant financial benefits of being a homeowner is the ability to tap into your home’s equity. With a home equity loan, you can finance almost any project, and the borrowing costs are much lower than other loan options.  As savings balances continue to shrink due to inflation, more people are exploring home equity loans to fill the financial gaps. However, is this a smart use of your home’s equity?   In this article, we’ll look at what makes home equity loans so attractive and identify potential pitfalls to avoid.  What is Home Equity?   Home equity can best…

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