7 Habits of People with High Credit Scores
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At every stage in life, we all need a routine checkup for our financial health. That is why we’ve launched Making Money Prosper! This blog is dedicated to you, our PEFCU members. We’re here to help you live your best financial life by teaching you to successfully save, invest, and manage your money. Adulting can be hard–we get it! We want you to find success through all of life’s stages: like purchasing your first car, traveling the world, planning for retirement, and everything in between. At PEFCU, our goal is to educate you and your family about your personal finances…

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7 Habits of People with High Credit Scores

Upon reaching adulthood, your credit score is one number that can dramatically impact your life, both financially and otherwise. A good score can help you receive the loans you need and ultimately pay less interest. But it can also help when applying to lease an apartment; some employers even check your score before hiring.   While a good credit score is desired, it isn’t always easy to obtain. Life throws everyone curve balls that knock their financial plans and budgets off track. So how do you build and maintain the high credit score you desire? Below are seven habits commonly found…

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