February 6, 20222x Scorecard©Rewards: February – March, 2022

Looking for a fun, safe, and budget-friendly spring break trip? We have got you covered!  

Here are three ideas to get you started on planning your locally inspired spring break vacation.  

  1. Be a local tourist. Stay in town and visit museums, restaurants, parks, or streets you’ve never been to before. Check out your local tourism office for ideas and see if they have any walking or bus tours that you can take. If your budget allows, it can also be fun to check into a local hotel or guesthouse for a change of scenery. 
  2. Travel regionally. Sometimes the fun may be just a short drive away. Within all the states in our service area, there are exciting destinations waiting to be explored – and they’re right outside your backyard! If you don’t feel like driving, there are inexpensive transportation options like Flix Bus, which has trips starting at just $5*! Flix Bus also services Europe, so be sure to bookmark that site for your next European adventure as well! 
  3. Go to national parks. Use this site to find a park nearest you (or within a short distance). If you choose to camp, you’re using your own supplies, so you won’t be spending a lot of extra money on food or accommodation. However, camping is not a requirement, as most parks offer cabins that you can rent inexpensively.  

If those ideas sparked some inspiration for you and your family to take a spring break vacation, make sure you use your PEFCU Visa® Credit Card to book your travel because you’ll earn double points on all travel-related purchases between February 1 and March 31, 2022 

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*Please be aware that all prices are listed in Euros, not U.S. dollars. 


  • Would like some help. I’ve been a member of the credit union for over thirty years. I cannot seem to get to my scorecard rewards. I received an email in my spam box the day before some points could have been used for cash. I couldn’t get it completed in time. The offer expired 5/29/23, today. It appears I have to re-enroll into my account since the new PEFCU app will not link up with my Scorecard as it has for years! I would like to be able to start using my points again. Where do I begin the enrollment process.
    Thank you

    • Please contact our Member Contact Center at +18002266673 for further assistance with your PEFCU and ScoreCard accounts.

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