October 19, 2020PEFCU Credit Card Rewards: Music

Love Music? Then ScoreCard® rewards will be music to your ears. Every time you use your PEFCU Visa® Credit Cardthere is an opportunity to earn reward points. With your rewards points, you can easily redeem your points for good vibrations.  

Digital Album Downloads 

You can download albums with your ScoreCard Rewards Points. Got one favorite workout tune? You can pick your one favorite song to download too. 

Concert Tickets 

Do you prefer an in-person musical experience? With ScoreCard® rewards, you can get as close as you can to hear your favorite musician play. Use your rewards to get in the concert hall, the front row, and even the VIP section.  

Music Merch 

Want to have a jam session in your head? The accessories you use as your air guitar are just as important as the music you choose. You can redeem your ScoreCard® points for ultramodern music accessories like AirPods, Bluetooth speakers, and stereos.  

Use Your PEFCU Visa® Credit Card 

As you can see, just by using your PEFCU Visa® Credit Card, you can be rewarded with the sounds you love. You’ll earn a point for $1 you spend. You can use your Visa® card for routine purchases like gas or groceries, or for the big, expensive gifts or travel expenses. Make our PEFCU Visa® Credit Card your go-to card. With no annual fee, no balance transfer fee, and fixed rates lower than the national average, it is one of the best financial decisions you’ll ever make 

Redeem Your Scorecard® Reward Points  

First, create your account so you can log into your rewards account. Once your account is created, you can view your reward balance and search for all available redemption options and more! 





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