October 13, 2020#ICUDAY: Inspiring Hope for a Global Community 

Why do hundreds of millions of people worldwide choose credit unions? Because credit unions have a “people-first” philosophy that impels them to constantly improve their communities and the lives of their members. That local service feeds a worldwide network that reaches more than 274 million members across the globe. On October 15, 2020, join credit union and financial cooperative members around the globe in celebrating 72 years of International Credit Union Day®. 

PEFCU’s story began with Publix founder George Jenkins (Mr. George) more than 63 years ago. Mr. George also created a “people helping people” culture that made Publix associates’ personal needs important. He wanted Publix associates and their immediate families to live their best financial lives—at every phase of life.  

Our love for our members has continued since 1957. As a not-for-profit cooperative, we return the profits generated by our membership to the members in the form of better financial products and services; because to us, people are more important than profit.  

Thank you for celebrating the worldwide impact of credit unions with us.  


  • Need to develop a program they can help people with their credit so that you guys won’t turn down people will low credit maybe you could give them a program at the credit so they can use their credit union I was turned down because of something on my credit i’ve been with the company over eight years and I can’t even use my credit union to help myself

  • It’s been a pleasure for over twenty years for my family and I to have you serve our needs financially,
    May the Lord direct your steps as you continue to serve the people.

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