November 1, 2022Fraud Awareness Week: Keep Your Data Safe

Keeping passwords strong and secure these days is about as easy as tightrope walking over a pool of hungry great white sharks. Updating passwords frequently and making them complex is difficult, but it’s essential to keeping hackers and fraudsters at bay.  

Fraud Awareness Week is a great time to evaluate your financial security and risk. Fraud costs billions of dollars in damage to companies, governments, and individuals each year. It can dramatically affect your life, result in the loss of your savings and investments, cause a strain on your financial resources, or worse. 

Strong passwords are crucial when it comes to your online security. Weak passwords can be compromised, leading to serious consequences like identity theft. Use a different password for your social media accounts, bank accounts, streaming services, and other logins.  

Long passwords are the best for your account security. Start with at least eight characters to create a strong password. Try using a memorable phrase with three or four random words (including spaces) for added security.  

Most people know not to share their social security number and other personal information over the phone or publicly. Beware of phone scammers asking for personal account information via call or text. If you receive a call, text, or email that seems like it could be from an institution you know (called spoofing, phishing, or SMiShing),  do not give them any information. Instead, reach out directly to the financial institution or service provider and ask if the message is real.

This is your friendly reminder to update your passwords this month! The security of your accounts remains a top priority at PEFCU. For questions on keeping your accounts secure, please visit the PEFCU Security Center, stop by one of our branch locations, or call 1-800-226-6673.   

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