October 1, 2021Teller Appreciation Week

October 4th marks the first day of Teller Appreciation Week, and in celebration, we wanted to thank all our tellers for the hard work they do each day for our members. We could not do what we do without our front-line team.  

Because PEFCU’s Champions are exemplary employees and serve our members well, we try to pay them back as much as possible. We strive to provide a work environment that is inclusive, respectful, and equitable, where individual differences, backgrounds, and experiences are valued and appreciated. One of the many ways PEFCU strives to be an employer of choice is by offering competitive benefits and compensation package. 

We pay 100% of employees’ medical, dental, and vision coverage to our Champions and pay 85% of dependent premiums. We offer a 401(k) plan and match a percentage of our Champions’ contributions and we also provide an annual profit-sharing allocation to help employees reach their retirement goals. PEFCU gives employees 11 paid holidays and four or more weeks of paid time off each year! We also reward them for their personal volunteer efforts with paid time off.  

PEFCU offers incentive bonuses when our Champions meet their goals and uphold our values. We strongly believe in rewarding excellence. Our Champions’ overall health is also of utmost importance, so we offer wellness programs and discounts on gym memberships.  

Our Champions also get dedicated time to invest in their training. We provide a platform with a library of educational articles, videos, and modules so Champions can dive into on-the-job training. PEFCU also offers financial aid for higher education to help employees further their education. 

If you are interested in joining an organization that is committed to providing stellar services to its members, encourages life-long relationships with co-workers and members, and rewards results, then you should apply for a position at PEFCU. See all available positions on our website: https://www.pefcu.com/careers/join-our-team/ or follow us on LinkedIn for updates on available openings.  

Thank you again to our Champions who make it possible to be one of the best financial institutions! 



  • I just wanted to say, on 10/8/21 I was at teller #1 waiting to be helped. The other teller open was #4, which a gentleman was being helped. My teller came up on screen, letting me know she will help me in a moment, she was servicing a member in the drive thru. While I was waiting, Janette pops her head on screen from #4 window and tells me to go over to #4, she can help me there. I was the only one there in the lobby, and she went the extra mile, out of her way to help me, and in an efficient manner as always, so I can go about my day sooner rather than later, which would of been a few minutes. I really appreciate what she did for me that day and other days. I’ve known her face since the old location on Southern and Parker. She’s is friendly, always have a conversation and a smile on her face. She and the rest of the staff always make my visits there pleasant. Where Banking is a Pleasure.

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