July 4, 20205 Things To Know About Publix Stock Secured Loans

George Jenkins (Mr. George), the founder of Publix Super Markets, Inc., believed in investing in people. He believed that if his associates owned Publix, they would care for and continue to improve the business. When Mr. George founded Publix Employees Federal Credit Union (PEFCU), associates had the opportunity to own a Credit Union that met their unique financial needs.   

What better way for you to take advantage of ownership than to borrow against your non-ESOP shares when you need it? The PEFCU Stock Secured Loan will come in handy for planned events or unplanned rainy days. Here are five facts you may not know about Publix Stock Secured Loans:  

  1. You still collect dividends on your stock, even though the stock is being held as collateral. Not only do you keep money in your pocket, you get to put extra money in your pocket while you pay off your loan. We see the strategy here. Do you?
  2. Payment term up to ten years allows for low monthly payments. You can take your time to pay back the loan. The payments are low, and the interest is low, too.
  3. There are no prepayment penalties. That’s right. If you want to pay off your loan with bonus money or are just ready to eliminate the monthly bill, you can pay it off with no hassle.
  4. Stock secured loans can be done at any time throughout the year. You don’t have to wait until Publix’s stock-offering period. Anytime you want to take advantage of this loan, you can apply. 
  5. The value of stock held as collateral also fluctuates with market value, exactly like stock that is not held as collateral. The more your stock is valued at, the higher the loan amount you will be eligible for. Think about it as you watch the share values increase.  
Next Steps 

Whether you’re planning a vacation or wedding, or just had new expenses from out of the blue, remember that owning Publix shares while being a PEFCU member gives you an advantage. You can apply for a loan anytime. Click here to learn more about Publix Stock Secured Loans. 



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