July 3, 2020PEFCU Values: Transparent

What does it mean to be transparent? To us, it means that by being fair and honest, we create real relationships with our employees. Below are some ways that PEFCU is transparent.

“Transparency breeds trust.”

PEFCU Values: Ways That We Are Transparent
  1. PAR (Performance Achievement Review): PEFCU strives to be an employer of choice. With our PAR strategy, we make our annual goals clear to our employees each year, and we give honest feedback quarterly. The honest rapport between managers and employees leads to better performance and better service for our members.
  2. Annual Report: Each year, PEFCU shares the Credit Union’s financial reports with employees and members. This includes details about assets, loans, shares, and other important data that contribute to our overall rating and health. Sharing this information with managers and employees helps us celebrate our achievements together and strategize for the upcoming year.
  3. Townhalls: We have frequent townhalls to share the latest developments. This gives employees another opportunity to ask questions and give feedback. These town halls take place at least once per quarter and includes all managers, employees, and Senior Leaders.
  4. PEFCU News & Alerts: We often inform employees about issues and events that may affect their lives and the lives of our members via PEFCU News and Alerts communications. These communication channels include positive news like anniversaries and retirements, but also critical updates on relevant issues like pandemics and civil unrest. We’ll always openly share what we know and encourage an open dialogue about issues, even when they may not be comfortable to discuss.


What does transparent mean to you? 


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