June 30, 2020PEFCU History: A Look Back in Time

Building Our Credit Union 

Publix Employees Federal Credit Union (PEFCU) wasn’t built with brick and mortar. PEFCU was built with people, by people, and for people. We owe our success to the individuals who share our trust, commitment, and values.  Membership is essential to the design of our not-for-profit cooperative, and the members keep the Credit Union strong.   

 The Architects 
Founders of PEFCU
Founders of Publix Employees Federal Credit Union

PEFCU was envisioned by Publix founder George Jenkins, John Turner, and other leaders of Publix Super Markets, Inc. Mr. George was known for his generosity, and he often helped Publix associates in times of financial need. In 1957, someone suggested to Mr. George a means by which all employees could be helped on a broader scale—the establishment of a credit union. He and the other leaders believed that Publix’s hardworking associates deserved access to better loans and savings options, and the “people helping people” principle of a credit union fit perfectly with Publix’s philosophy of supporting each other. They applied for a credit union charter, and the plan was put into motion. 

The Foundation

The night that the charter was granted, the PEFCU founding members gathered in one home to begin the framework. They each took money from their wallets and pooled it together. The hard-earned money that had belonged to each individual family lay there in one pile; not to be claimed separately, but to be owned by the all. 

That moment wasn’t meant to be symbolic. It was a personal commitment to help all current and future members live their best financial lives. The spirit of that moment guides PEFCU’s decisions today. 

PEFCU: A Place to Call Home
Publix Employees Federal Credit Union Logo Sign on front of Lakeland branch
Publix Employees Federal Credit Union Sign

As members, you are the owners of PEFCU and the most important decision-makers. PEFCU began in a member’s home, and we still have your home in mind when we offer membership benefits to you.  

As those founding members believed, you deserve higher returns on your savings, lower interest on your loans, and convenient access to your accounts—because YOU are US 



    • Addie, We’re sorry to hear that. Please reach out to our Member Contact Center at 1-800-226-6673 for further assistance.

  • I always considered Mr George my Daddy of Publix! He always was looking out for me even before he knew me! This is an amazing story thank you for posting it!

  • I have been a member since 1980 and never had a major problem. Any issues i had were resolved very quickly and professionally. Incidentally PEFCU and I were born in 1957!

    • We’re so thankful for your membership, Olga! We appreciate you sharing your experience with us.

  • Publix is a great company to work for and also is a great supetmarket chain, one of the best in the country.

    Perry Parchmont

  • PEFCU is a unique financial institution. The benefits offered outweighs the unfortunate small challenges we may encounter with policies and regulations. The past administrative staff was wonderful and went the extra mile to assist the members and staff in their financial needs and investments. I appreciate PEFCU and will continue to remember the good things about it.

  • I wish the South FL branch looked like the picture. The current branch is way to impersonal with the computer screens and no personal access to the tellers whom I’ve gotten to know over the years.

    • Each of our PEFCU branches is structured differently and we rely on member feedback to make improvements. Thanks for sharing your suggested changes.

  • That Pembroke pines family is the best, Jennifer, Eric the supervisor over the teller department they are a great group of people, just ask if there is anything you don’t understand and they will help you. They have been awesome in helping me with my banking needs. This is a Great team they have been together a long time. Thanks again.

  • The staff of PEFCU in Altamonte are awesome. Extremely helpful,weather it’s in person or on the phone.

  • Just curious to know what executive leadership looks like in 2020 at Publix. Is there a photo you can post similar to the Publix founders photo?

  • Always good service at the Altamonte Springs Branch. Also call center is very helpful. Thank-you

  • That was my desk for 2 years starting in 1983. This was the best workplace of my life until retiring to raise my two boys.
    I remember having to walk through the cafeteria at the warehouse to do business with the Credit Union in 1977 when I was a young cashier at Southgate Shopping Center.

    • We have not made any changes to our statement mailers. If you have not received your statement please contact our Member Contact Center at 1-800-226-6673 for additional assistance.

  • I am a member for a good while. My credit is fair due to TIA (mild stroke ) I sustained 6 years ago. I had to retired early because of this episode. Thanks to GOD and Publix; I am back in the work force. Trying to re-build my credit and have the same lifestyle, it is my goal. My question is: how can you help me achieve these goal?.
    My bills are around $1300.00 /month. including my mtg payment. I have no problem with that. I much rather do bsns with the Credit Union. I would like to lower my payments. Can You help.? Please advice
    Thank You.

    • We’d love to help! Please contact our Member Contact Center at 1-800-226-6673. They’ll be happy to get you started.

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