April 18, 2024Affordable Summer Adventures for the Whole Family

Every day the summer sun shines is another opportunity to create cherished memories with your family. For those with children home from school, the quest to find affordable family entertainment takes the spotlight.  

Luckily, we put together eight ideas to help bring your family together and create unforgettable experiences without breaking the bank. Prepare for a summer that blends budget-consciousness with family memories that will last a lifetime. 

Explore Your Backyard 

With all the posts on social media today, it can often feel like the only way to enjoy yourself is to escape to some exotic land. It’s easy to overlook the multitude of attractions that reside right in your area. Start with top activities like your local zoo, aquarium, or amusement park. Then, expand your list to include other excursions like local farms where you can pick fresh fruits and vegetables.  

In addition to having fun, it’s also important to introduce your children to new things. You never know – that trip to the aquarium might help shape their interests or career choice down the road.  

Breathe the Fresh Air 

Some of the best activities are where everyone must put down their phones and tablets. Discover the great outdoors as you go camping, hiking, fishing, boating, or all the above. It’s an excellent way to help your kids appreciate nature and seek alternatives to keep the planet healthy. 

Seek Out Free Events 

Local businesses know parents are looking for ways to entertain their kids throughout the summer. That’s why so many events are scheduled during this time. Keep an eye out on social media and local websites to discover what’s happening in your area. You’ll likely come across free concerts, fairs, auto shows, and more. Many attractions like museums also have free family days.  

Start a New Hobby 

Encourage your kids to take up a new hobby. Or even better, start a new hobby the whole family can enjoy together. You might consider taking an art class or learning a new sport. Maybe you want to learn to ride horses or kayak. Introducing your kids to new things can spark their creativity and have a tremendous impact on their future. 

Volunteer for a Cause 

Instilling a sense of charity in your children can profoundly impact their character. Non-profits are always seeking volunteers. Compile a list of organizations in your area and find one that interests everyone. Or pick a few and rotate. Animal shelters are a great starting point for families with kids. 

Set Fitness Goals 

Keeping kids active is a challenge for all parents today. A great opportunity is to pick an activity everyone can enjoy and exercise together regularly. You might consider going on a bike ride after dinner each evening or playing basketball or tennis at the local park. Anything that forces kids to put down their devices and expend some energy is great for their bodies – and your sanity! 

Discover Nearby Towns 

Plan day trips to neighboring communities and explore what they have to offer. You might be surprised at what adventures await only a short drive away. Consider making it a habit to visit a new place every week or every other week. It’s a fun way to get everyone out of the house and experience something new. 

Organize Get-Togethers 

Take the initiative and organize events with your friends and neighbors. If you don’t want to host a party, arrange a cookout at a local park. When everyone contributes a dish, it can be an inexpensive way to get out of the house and enjoy one another’s company. 

Bonus Tips to Keep Your Budget in Check: 

  • Ask About Student Discounts 

Businesses that cater to families regularly offer student discounts. Look up local attractions or restaurants and ask if they have special summer deals or student discounts. Every penny saved is a penny earned. 

  • Consider a Personal Loan 

While credit cards are convenient, a personal loan is usually your better option. The interest rates are typically lower than credit cards, saving you money. Plus, budgeting your summer fun is easier because you receive a specific dollar amount. 

PEFCU offers great rates on personal loans that you can use to fund your summer plans! Click here for more information. 

  • Pack Snacks & Meals 

Whether you’re traveling to a nearby town or visiting the local zoo, pack snacks and lunches. Food costs can quickly drain your summer budget. Instead, bring food and store it in a cooler in your car. You’ll save money that can be used for other fun excursions another day. 

  • Redeem Your Credit Card Rewards 

Most credit card reward programs allow you to redeem points for gift cards. This strategy could lower your costs for local attractions and restaurants. If you’re planning a more significant getaway, consider using your points to reduce airline or hotel costs. 

PEFCU’s Visa® credit card offers great rewards that you can redeem for travel, gift cards, merchandise, and more! Plus, our rates are lower than the national average. Click here for more information. 

We’re Here to Help! 

While the summer is the most exciting time of the year for kids, it can be stressful for parents. You want your children to have a wonderful time off school, but you must also be mindful of your budget. Use the above suggestions to make your money go further while creating cherished memories for your family. 

If you’re interested in learning more about using a low-rate personal loan to help keep summer expenses under control, we’re ready to help. Please stop by any of our convenient branch locations or call 800-226-6673 to speak with a PEFCU representative today. 


Each individual’s financial situation is unique and readers are encouraged to contact PEFCU when seeking financial advice on the products and services discussed. This article is for educational purposes only; the authors assume no legal responsibility for the completeness or accuracy of the contents.  

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