July 11, 2022How to Travel Safely This Summer 

Summer is here! Now is your chance to explore new places and make special memories with your family. Preparing yourself for a safe summer ahead of time makes for a more relaxing trip for everyone. Here are a few measures you can take now for a safe and fun adventure away from home. Keep your wallet safe and secure while traveling with these simple tips: 

Alert PEFCU About Travel Plans
Do you plan to make a purchase with your PEFCU Visa® Debit or Credit Card while traveling? Though your cards are open for international transactions, it’s still good practice to let us know when you plan to use them outside of the U.S. When traveling domestically or internationally, please advise us of your plans ahead of time. Learn more on our Travel Notifications web page. 

Be Cautious
Always keep your cards safe and in your sight.  

Pickpockets will target loose items and goods placed in your back pocket. If you have a bag or wallet, keep your items secure and zipped. Even better, RFID-blocking wallets are helpful against card scanners and will protect your card numbers. Before your travels, familiarize yourself with PEFCU.com in case of emergencies. If you lose or have your card stolen contact our card services department ASAP. 

Also, do not let a server walk off with your card. It’s helpful to pay with cash or with a credit card for more protection. Of course, an essential item to take on your travels is PEFCU’s Visa® credit card. Learn about options and opportunities for double points on our website at PEFCU.com/cards. 

Watch Out for Card Skimmers
Keep an eye out for anything in the card slot that could trap your card. Inspect a cash machine before inserting your card into it, especially if it’s not inside a bank. If anything looks crooked, loose, or damaged, it could be a sign of a card-skimming device.  

If your card or cash gets stuck in an ATM, don’t re-enter your PIN and try to avoid leaving the machine. If you’re traveling with someone, have one person go inside the bank while the other one stands by the machine. Typically, thieves won’t wait long to retrieve it, so staying by the ATM will help your chances of keeping your items secure. 


Have a safe summer!  

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