April 27, 20225 Ways To Save $$ And Have Fun This Summer

Summer is a great time to take it easy, connect with your loved ones, and slow down to make lasting memories for years to come. Summer trips are fun, but they can be difficult to plan, and costs can add up quickly. With the rising price of gas, what better way to spend some quality time with your family than with a staycation right in your own backyard? 

Saving money now on summer vacations can help you reach the financial goals you have for later this year or can help you put more money towards your big summer getaway next time. There’s plenty to do right in the comforts of your hometown. We promise your summer 2022 staycation can be just as fun, and the cost is a lot lower.  

Visit Your Local Rec Center 

Check out what your city has to offer. With a quick search on your city’s or county’s website, you can find what is offered by your area’s Parks and Recreation Department. You will find a list of all local parks, including walking or hiking trails, tennis and basketball courts, and even pools and splashpads. You might be allowed to use these amenities for free or at a very low cost. You might be allowed to use these amenities for free or at a very low cost. Nothing quite beats cooling off on a hot summer day at the pool with a snack in one hand and a book in the other. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Host a Cooking or Baking Competition 

Pretend you are the next MasterChef or British baker and put your cooking skills to the test. Hold a cooking competition with your friends, family, or spouse–complete with judges and categories. Everyone wins when they get to try a tasty meal; plus you can show off your skills behind the pan and earn some bragging rights. Who knows, maybe you’ll unlock your inner Gordon Ramsey.  

Plan a Movie Night 

Who doesn’t love movie night? Pull out an old favorite or binge a series. Up the ante with real movie treats like popcorn and candy. You can even make some ices in the blender. Cozy up with your favorite blankets and pillows for an easy and relaxing night in. 

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town 

When was the last time you played tourist in your own town? Summer is the perfect time to try something you’ve always wanted and haven’t had the time or energy for during the year. It’s fun to have an excuse to pretend and escape from daily life. Make a whole day out of it with tacky t-shirts and tourist accessories. Have you been to your local cultural center? Are there any new murals in town? Use this as an opportunity to update your profile picture or make a photoshoot out of it. With fresh eyes and a spirit of adventure, there’s plenty to do and find right in your own stomping grounds.  

Try an at-home Escape Room 

Have you ever done an escape room? There are plenty of resources online to try your own at home. You can order a kit online or search around for a free version to print out and use with props and tools already found around your home. We warn you- this is a great way for everyone’s competitive side to come out. They can be fun and addictive.  

Summer can be anything you make it. If you try and of our ideas, let us know on Instagram Stories by tagging us @PublixCU. Have a great summer! 

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