January 10, 2022Shop Smarter: Best Times to Buy

We’ve scoped out the best times of year to buy some higher-ticket items so that YOU can save money throughout the year and stay on budget. Each month is listed with items that are most likely to be priced the best they will be all year, plus we’ve included the holidays when you’ll find major sales. Make sure to plan your shopping calendar and your budget accordingly! 


  • Electronics: There are typically sales AFTER Christmas to encourage additional purchases after the holidays. You’ll probably find that some of your favorite electronics are on sale. 
  • Fitness Equipment: Retailers know that people make resolutions to get in shape for the New Year. You can expect fitness equipment to be on sale at most sporting goods stores. 
  • MLK Jr. Day is January 18: Check your local stores for sales around this time. 


  • Televisions: Most big box stores will put televisions on sale around the Big Football Game each year. 
  • Furniture: Furniture and home furnishings stores will typically have huge sales around Presidents Day this month. 
  • The Big Game is on February 13. 
  • Presidents Day is February 15. 


  • Tax Software: Retailers like to discount tax software ahead of the tax deadline in April. 
  • Grills: Stores are gearing up for the summer and might have discounts on last year’s grill models. 
  • St. Patrick’s Day is March 17: You may find specialty sales around this time. 


  • Vacuums: Spring cleaning is in full swing! Check big box stores for deals on vacuum cleaners and other cleaning supplies. 
  • Jewelry: The Valentine’s Day rush is over, so retailers will be discounting jewelry that didn’t sell during that popular time. This is a great time to get an engagement ring! 
  • Easter is April 17: You’ll be able to get great deals on easter candy that week! 


  • Small Kitchen Appliances: Use Memorial Day sales to get small kitchen appliances like coffee makers, microwaves, and toasters. 
  • Mattresses – Furniture and mattress stores will typically have huge Memorial Day sales this month. 
  • Mother’s Day is May 8. 
  • Memorial Day is May 30. 


  • Gym Memberships: New Year’s resolutions have died down and gyms will be looking to invite people to join and get in shape for the summer. Summer is also a slower time for gyms because people tend to work out outside instead. Look for deals on memberships this month! 
  • Movie Tickets: Because people are doing more outdoor activities, movie sales typically drop during the summer. You can usually find deals on ticket packages and theater memberships during this time. 
  • Father’s Day is June 19. 


  • Suits: Mid-summer is a great time to look for suits and other formal wear. 
  • Tools: The hot summer months are not popular for cosmetic fixing and building. Check hardware stores for deals on tools this month. 
  • Independence Day is July 4. 


  • Swimwear: As summer comes to a close, retailers will be trying to get rid of their remaining swimwear stock and will probably put it on the clearance rack. 
  • Patio Furniture: Believe it or not, the end of summer is the best time to re-do your patio. Retailers will not want to have a large stock of patio furniture, so they’ll put it on sale before the summer ends. 
  • The first day of school is usually in August (if not early September). 


  • Bicycles: Another warm-weather activity, retailers will typically have sales on most of their outdoor equipment around this time. 
  • Holiday Travel: Typically, three months out is a great time to purchase travel tickets. This is especially true for the holiday season because tickets will be in high demand come November. 
  • Labor Day is September 5. 


  • Cars: New vehicle models will start to arrive in dealerships in the fall, so October is a great month to look for the year prior and get a better price. 
  • Wedding Supplies: Autumn is a great time of year for weddings if you’re looking for discounts. The true wedding season has passed and there are typically better prices on venues, décor, and more during the fall (and even winter) season. 
  • Indigenous Peoples Day is October 10. 
  • Halloween is October 31. 


  • Large Appliances: Black Friday is the best time of year to find deals on large appliances like refrigerators, washers, and dryers. 
  • Recreational Vehicles: Fall and Winter are the best seasons to get your new recreational vehicle, before peak season hits. And don’t forget to stop by PEFCU to apply for an RV loan! 
  • Thanksgiving is November 24. 
  • Black Friday is November 25. 
  • Cyber Monday is November 28. 


  • Holiday Décor: The days following Christmas are the best days of the year to get an artificial tree and other holiday décor. Retailers will typically have deep discounts on these items. 
  • Champagne: Stores will be gearing up for New Year’s Eve and other holiday celebrations and will put some of their champagne stock on sale. 
  • Christmas is December 25. 



Each individual’s financial situation is unique, and readers are encouraged to contact PEFCU when seeking financial advice on the products and services discussed. This article is for educational purposes only; It does not constitute legal advice. If such advice or a legal opinion is required, please consult with competent local counsel.  

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