November 4, 2021Thanksgiving Hacks That Will Save You Time and Money

Every year around the holidays, we put a large focus on our personal finances. Everyone is looking for deals and ways to save money. We’re budgeting for holiday gifts and planning family get-togethers. While you’re giving thanks for everything you have, we have some money-saving hacks that you can put into action right away!  

Shop early, and shop sales. 

Many grocery stores, like Publix, start their holiday sales early. Take advantage of those holiday sales as early as possible, as well as regular weekly sales.  Also, sometimes buying store-brand products can save you some money without sacrificing quality. In fact, many Publix branded items are produced by leading national brands.  

Remember, every penny adds up!  

Have a potluck dinner. 

A wonderful way to save big money on a big family dinner is to host a potluck, especially if you’re hosting multiple meals. Offer to cook the main dish (turkey, ham, etc.) and ask your guests to each bring a side dish. You’ll save time and money not cooking the entire meal. 

Take inventory of ingredients you already have at home. 

Once you have your menu planned out, go through your pantry to see what ingredients you already have. This way, you’re not buying an ingredient that you don’t need.   

DYI your table décor. 

Table decorations are a great way to make a get-together feel warm, but you don’t need to buy decorations. Most times, buying craft supplies to make your table décor at home ends up being less expensive in the end. If you already have some craft supplies, take inventory and see what you can use to save even more money. 

Have a BYOB celebration. 

Alcoholic beverages can be expensive. And if you need to buy multiple varieties, the money starts to add up! Ask your guests to bring their favorite beverages with them. This way, your guests are satisfied with their favorite drinks, and you get to save some cash. 

Use coupons and discounts. 

When you go grocery shopping, make sure you have current coupons to save a few extra bucks. Also, take advantage of any discounts you may be offered (military discount, student discount, store card, etc.). Keep an eye out for special holiday discounts as well! 

Buy a frozen turkey. 

Buying a frozen turkey instead of a fresh turkey could save you up to 30-40%! Just make sure you allow several days for the turkey to thaw before you cook it. 

Make a roasting rack out of aluminum foil. 

Rather than buying an expensive roasting rack, you can use aluminum foil instead. Simply roll up the foil and then lay the foil across the bottom of the pan for the turkey to sit on top.  

Use or freeze leftovers. 

Making sure none of the leftover food is wasted is a great way to save. Packing your lunch with leftovers will save you time and money. Freeze any food you won’t eat within a few days to make sure nothing goes bad! 


Be sure to check back here for more holiday tips and tricks for saving money and staying on budget!  

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