April 26, 2021PEFCU Mobile Services: Bill Pay

Want an effortless way to pay your bills? Then use our free Bill Pay service to conveniently schedule your monthly payments electronically. Here some reason reasons why using Bill Pay is a smart financial choice.  

  • You save money. There’s less of a need to spend money on the stamps, checks, and envelopes. 
  • You get peace of mind. Rather than relying on snail mail, you can control when your payment reaches its destination. This will help you avoid late fees. 
  • It’s safer. Bill Pay is more secure than mailing paper checks. Our website is encrypted and has other security firewalls that regular mail doesn’tYou don’t have to worry about your banking information being intercepted through the mail and used for fraud.  
  • It helps you stay organized. You can track all your past, present, and future scheduled transactions with your online Payment Calendar. This is especially helpful if you must find proof of payment for a dispute or tax purposes.  
  • You can be creative with gift-giving. Most of your loved ones don’t want the hassle of depositing or cashing a check as birthday or holiday gifts. With Bill Pay, you can schedule electronic gift checks with personalized messages. 
  • It’s green! Bill Pay is paperless, so you can help save trees when you use this service.  


Got more questions? Check out our Bill Pay demo here: Bill Pay – One Simple platform, endless possibilities! 

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