January 25, 2021Q & A with Tina Green, Head Teller, 25 years 

At PEFCU, we are proud of what each of our employees brings to our Credit Union. We are especially proud to showcase the employees who have contributed to our organization for many years. When our employees love PEFCU enough to stay with us, it shows that we have a lot to offer. 

One of those employees is Tina Green, Lakeland Head Teller, who has been with PEFCU for 25 years. We interviewed Tina to find out why PEFCU won her heart. Check out the interview below: 


Q: Why did you choose to join the PEFCU team? 

A: I chose PEFCU because I heard it was a wonderful place to work. The Credit Union has great benefits! 

Q: What is your favorite animal? Why?

A: My favorite animals are elephants. I love them because they are beautiful and familyorientedThey socialize with each other. They are intelligent, caring, and loving animals. They have emotions like us.  

Q:  What has PEFCU done for the community that makes you proud to work here? 

A: It is great how we have supported the homeless community with meals and how we raise money for cancer and various organizations. 

Q: What is your favorite thing about working at PEFCU right now?

A: Working with a new group of peopleI love how different departments have merged, and I am getting to know new people. 

Q: How do you think PEFCU has changed since you were hired?

A: PEFCU has come a long way since I was hired. There is so much diversity now, and I love that! It is a beautiful thing to see us all working together and getting along. 

Job seekers, t
ell us about your career path. Where do you see yourself in 25 years? 


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