June 26, 2020PEFCU Values: Inclusive

What does it mean to be inclusive? To us, being inclusive means celebrating authenticity, creating a sense of belonging for all people, and respecting different points of view. Below are some ways that PEFCU commits to being inclusive.

Strength lies in differences, not in similarities
– Stephen Covey.

PEFCU Values: Ways That We Are Inclusive

  1. DE&I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Training: DE&I Training recognizes the benefit of diversity to PEFCU and reiterates our commitment to inclusion. Our People Development team brings engaging development sessions to every PEFCU branch and office to boost our collective awareness. These sessions are interactive and discussion-based, answering important foundational questions such as: Why is DE&I important? What are the dimensions of DE&I? Where is PEFCU today on these dimensions? How can we get better?
  2. Paid Volunteer Time Off: We respect our employees’ personal values both on and off the clock. PEFCU encourages employees to serve their communities by volunteering time for the causes that are closest to their hearts. We reward them for their unique contributions to those in need with paid Volunteer Time Off. For every hour, an employee spends volunteering, PEFCU will give half an hour paid time off, up to 16 hours a year!
  3. Awards and Recognition: PEFCU believes that everyone can add value and should feel valued. Every employee is recognized for their contributions from the first day they join our team. Managers give employees Spot Awards, to celebrate when our employees are “spotted” going above and beyond to serve our members or our teams. PEFCU also has an Annual Excellence Awards program, which allows every employee to nominate and vote for an employee and a manager that has had an excellent performance throughout the year. Winners could receive a gift worth up to $1500 in value. We also celebrate every year of each employee’s service with our Service Awards to acknowledge the time spent to make PEFCU a better place for our members.
  4. Diverse Leadership: PEFCU is aware that diversity makes our team stronger and we are committed to demonstrating that in our leadership team. From our Chief Executives to our managers, our leadership includes employees of diverse ages, sex, ethnicity, and other backgrounds. We want all employees to feel represented and confident in knowing opportunities exist for them regardless of their background.


What does inclusive mean to you? 


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