June 24, 2020PEFCU Values: Innovative

What does it mean to be innovative? To us, it means we are always looking for ways to remain an employer of choice. Below are a few ways that PEFCU stays innovative.

There’s no good idea that can’t be improved on.”
– Michael Eisner

PEFCU Values: Four Ways We Are Innovative
  1. The Vault: Our People Development team is dedicated to elevating our learning experience. The People Development team recently launched a learning platform called The Vault. The Vault contains educational and training resources that improve soft skills, fosters talent, and even certifies in specific business areas. It is more than on-the-job training. It is holistic development and unrestricted access to skillfully assembled content.
  2. Tuition Reimbursement: For employees who want to earn a degree, PEFCU offers Tuition Reimbursement for college and university courses toward a degree in certain fields of study. When employees go further in their education, they learn new things that help PEFCU to thrive and stay relevant.
  3. Annual Benefits Evaluation: We also want to make sure that our employees get the most out of their benefits. Each year, we re-evaluate our benefits package to ensure it is competitive and meets our employees and their family’s needs.
  4. Digital Transformation: As the way of doing business changes, PEFCU evolves to meet member and employee needs. We recruited phenomenal leaders that have been able to lead us into a digital transformation. This has allowed us to be flexible during times of crisis. Our employees can continue serving our members and our members have digital access to banking services under obstacles because of the transformative tools our teams have put in place.


What does innovative mean to you? 


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