June 24, 2020PEFCU Values: Accountable

What does it mean to be accountableTo PEFCU, it means we honor the standards we set, make sound financial decisions, and hire the right employeesBelow are some ways that PEFCU adheres to our value of remaining accountable.  

At the end of the day we are accountable to ourselves – our success is a result of what we do.
– Catherine Pulsifer

PEFCU Values: Ways that We Are Accountable
  1. PAR (Performance Achievement Reviews): At PEFCU, we give our employees and managers quarterly evaluations to ensure they receive valuable feedback on their performance on a regular basis. We set operational goals and behavior standards for managers and employees to ensure everyone upholds our PEFCU values. When these goals are met, the result is a stellar experience for our members.
  2. Annual Equity Increase: If employees meet their annual goals and demonstrate PEFCU’s values, we are committed to increasing their pay each year. Eligible employees may earn an Annual Equity Increase based on their performance. We believe in investing in our employees when they shine and allow PEFCU to raise our standard of excellence.
  3. Service Excellence Surveys: The quarterly Service Excellence Survey is a chance for employees to give feedback on the service they receive from their internal partners. This survey keeps a pulse on overall feedback and is used to ensure we provide premier service. The results of these surveys also impact Performace Achievement Reviews, and in turn, holds all PEFCU employees accountable for how we serve each other.

What does accountable mean to you? 


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