June 19, 2020Meet PEFCU’s Senior Leadership Team

PEFCU is successful because of our team of championsAnd we know that champions need great coaches and leaders. To get to know them better, we asked each of our Senior Leadership Team which superpower they wish they could have and had them share some of their goals. 


Name: Robert Bregler Robert (Bob) Bregler - CEO of Publix Employees Federal Credit Union
Favorite Superpower: “Flight; as a kid, I often dreamt about flying.”
Goals: “To soar to another level of member service by staying up with new developments in the digital world.”



Karen Boccaleri - C.O.O. of Publix employees federal credit union
Karen Boccaleri
EVP, Chief Operating Officer
Favorite Superpower: “Supersonic speed; so that I could complete more work in less time (in the office and at home). Maybe then I could keep up with my grandchildren!”
Goals: “Our Executive Team plans to quickly take PEFCU above and beyond over the next few years by demonstrating our core values – caring, inclusive, transparent, accountable, and innovative.”



Name: Erika HerndenErika Herndon, SVP, Chief Experience Officer
Title: SVP, Chief Experience Officer
Favorite Superpower: “Self-replication; to be in more than one place at a time. I could spend time with my teams at work, visit branches, attend meetings, go to basketball practice, and field trips with my son—and still have plenty of time left to spend with my loved ones. I could ‘share the love’ and not feel like I am letting anyone down.”
Goals: “The Member Experience Team will continue to streamline processes to provide the same stellar experience across all delivery channels.  With the combination of experience from our tenured team members and fresh perspective from our newer team members, there are no limits on what we can accomplish.”



Shannon Patten, SVP, Chief Marketing OfficerName: Shannon Patten 
SVP, Chief Marketing Officer
Favorite Superpower: “Omnilingualism; the ability to read, write, and speak any language. Just like my favorite superhero—Santa Claus! I’d love to have this superpower because of the connections I could make and the relationships I’d develop with people from all over the world. In Marketing, where communication needs to be clearly understood, I could maximize PEFCU’s messages to increase membership and engagement.”
Goals: “My team’s goal is to ensure that PEFCU’s brand and voice are consistent with our members, potential members, and community. We want to meet people where they are when they need us. By understanding our member’s journey and developing platforms for ongoing dialogue, PEFCU will establish lifelong relationships with each of our members (and our potential members) and help them live their best financial life.”

Ted Hessenfelt, SVP, Chief Information OfficerName: Ted Hassenfelt
SVP, Chief Information Officer
Favorite Superpower: “Telepathy; after a few months with this superpower, PEFCU membership would increase across the nation!”
Goals: “Over the next few years, my team plans to fulfill the IT dream of being one of the top Credit Unions as far as Digital Transformation goes; where members and staff have simple solutions to complex problems.  Easy-going experiences and more efficiency will be a part of everything we do!”

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